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Welcome to Our Eye Testing Services

At Spex Design Optometrist, we prioritize your eye health with our comprehensive and specialized eye testing services. Our team of qualified and passionate optometrists ensures that you receive top-notch care and attention during your examination. Here's what you can expect from our range of services:

Comprehensive Eye Exams:
Our eye tests are thorough and performed with precision by our experienced optometrists. We utilize advanced technologies such as OCT scanning and the latest biometric scan by Rodenstock Germany to provide detailed insights into your eye health. Priced at $115, our comprehensive exams are privately billed, with Medicare rebates available, which we handle on your behalf.

Contact Lens Consultations:
Curious about contact lenses? Our expert optometrists provide personalized consultations to determine the most suitable contact lens options for you. During the consultation, we discuss various lens solutions and tailor a specific plan to meet your needs. The initial consultation fee is $125, while subsequent aftercare consultations are priced at $80.

Aviation CASA Eye Exams:
For those requiring specialized eye exams for aviation purposes, we offer certified CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) examinations. Conducted by our CASA-certified optometrist, this examination takes approximately one hour and includes a dilated pupil assessment. Please note that driving immediately after this exam is not recommended. The cost for this specialized service is $250, and it is not covered by Medicare.

At Spex Design Optometrist, we are committed to delivering exceptional eye care services tailored to your unique requirements. Book your appointment today to experience the difference in quality eye testing and care.

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